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As the countdown to the XXXIII Olympic Games in Paris ticks away, the City of Light is abuzz with anticipation. The grand event, scheduled for 2024, promises to be a spectacular celebration of sport like no other. Let’s delve into the preparations, innovations, and sustainability efforts that will make these Olympics truly memorable.

Ambitious Inclusion

Paris 2024 embraces an ambitious and innovative approach to inclusion. It aims to demonstrate the power of sport and solidarity, emphasizing the positive impact the Games can have on youth and society at large. Initiatives like ticketing, volunteering, and promoting 30 minutes of daily physical activity are already creating excitement.

Optimisation and Sustainability

The Parisian organizers have heeded the calls for reform from the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020. Their commitment to optimisation and sustainability is commendable. From reducing waste to efficient resource management, Paris 2024 is setting a new standard for environmentally conscious mega-events.

Countdown to the Games

With just over a few months until the opening ceremony, Paris is in the final stretch of preparations. Here’s what has happened so far:

Testing Program

Paris 2024 kicked off its testing program with a sailing test event in Marseille. This event marks the official start of rigorous testing, which will continue until Games time. Sports events, readiness exercises, and logistical trials will provide crucial learnings and ensure that Paris is fully prepared to host the world.

Engaging Stakeholders

Strong engagement with stakeholders, including the French State and local authorities, is a priority. Matters like security and transport are being meticulously addressed. Paris aims to put its best foot forward and showcase its readiness on the global stage.

The Greenest Olympics Yet

Paris 2024 is committed to being the greenest Olympics in history. Here’s how:

Carbon Footprint Reduction

The organizers pledge to halve the event’s carbon footprint compared to previous Summer Games. Their goal is to limit emissions to approximately 1.75 million tonnes of CO2. By prioritizing sustainability, Paris sets an inspiring example for future host cities.

Shifting Urban Landscape

As the city prepares, its urban landscape and infrastructure undergo significant transformations. From eco-friendly venues to efficient public transportation, Paris is weaving sustainability into every aspect of the Games.


Paris 2024 embodies the spirit of unity, athleticism, and progress. With the Eiffel Tower as its backdrop, the world will witness athletes from diverse backgrounds competing at the highest level. As the final preparations unfold, one thing is certain: Paris is ready to welcome the world in 2024, and these Games will leave an indelible mark on sporting history.

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