There are so many sports on the planet, so many to choose from. But not all sports are equal, and not everybody can attempt to do all sports. Athletics, on the other hand, are pretty simple to do and almost every city has a stadium with a track as well as a field to accommodate field events.

But that is not the main reason why I love track and field. Here are a couple of them, which make track and field and athletics in general, amazing.

Anybody Can Do It – It is Simple and Offers Lots of Choice

Among the many sports which people play, track and field is among the easiest to get into. It requires little other than a good pair of running shoes. When it comes to throwing disciplines, it takes something else, but generally, a good pair of running shoes will get you far.

The other amazing part of athletics is that people of all ages can do it. There are marathoners in their 80s and 90s and even 100s, still running and giving it their all. Records are being broken in all the categories, no matter the age, so the sport is open to everybody.

Athletics Is and All Around Great Exercise

Some sports focus on upper body strength, other sports only on the legs, but when one takes up athletics, running or jumping, or even throwing, the body gets a complete exercise, from the legs, the core and to the arms and back. Now, athletes in track and field will have a different look in terms of their body structure, particularly sprinters as opposed to athletes who specialize in throwing. Jumpers are often leaner, while sprinters tend to look as shredded as possible and throwers are bulkier with a focus on having larger muscles and more mass in general.

Whichever discipline in athletics one takes up, they will be stronger and better for it.

It is Competitive

Athletics is a competitive set of disciplines, in all levels of play, from age 5 until an undisclosed age, as runners keep running even after their 100th birthday. Anybody can take up the sports and anybody can become competitive in the disciplines, but reaching the highest levels takes more than just physical fitness or a mental drive, just like with any other sport.

It is Liberating

There are so many sports which one can do, like football, which has a lot of players, kicking a ball and often, endangering one another. In athletics, you are the only danger to yourself, and perhaps the weather, which in the end brings a sense of freedom. Any level is achievable.

These are but some reasons as to why I love track and field sports.

By Jamie