We are living in a world where most people lead sedentary lives, whether due to their jobs being office jobs, or simply working from home, where a computer is all that is necessary. Some people prefer not moving a lot and that leads to problems, with their hips, backs, tendons and all sorts of other, potentially more dangerous things.

This is why it is important to have hobbies, particularly activities which can double as a workout. Following are hobbies which are very physical and can give a good workout.

Sports – Sports Can be Hobbies

Some people play basketball or football as a hobby, not to mention tennis and other sports, like table tennis.

All sports can be a good workout, so having a sport as a hobby can be a very healthy choice.

If you have friends who love sports, you can make your hobby entertaining, perhaps even a competitive experience.

Sports imply competition, so being competitive might even help motivate you to work harder for that win.

Gardening – It Can Be Really Hard

Some people go to the gym, iothers, they take up gardening as a hobby. Working a garden hoe and other tools will have you sweating and having quite a muscle ache. It also helps that you are outside most of the time, standing and moving. It can be a very good hobby, cultivating plants, maybe even fruits and vegetables, something of your own to eat, rather than going to the grocery store.

Parkour – A Philosophy

Some people look at parkour as just another sport, but it is much more than that, something forged in philosophy and in practice. It is a way of life for most traceurs and traceuses, the practitioners of parkour.

Some take up parkour because it is cool at the time, but others, like its founder, David Belle, just live parkour, at the age of 48, and likely when he grows much older.

It requires your body to be physically adaptable, as well as your mind to be present because one bad jump can lead to an injury.

Cycling – A Great Hobby

Cycling is one of those sports which anybody can take up, simply because it is very good for the body. Take note, if you already sit a lot, cycling might not be the best sport for you. If you, however, do like to travel and are fond of using your own two legs, then cycling is the right sport for you. It doubles as a hobby and triples as a mode of transportation. It is great for commuting, particularly medium distances.

Rock Climbing – Mind Over Matter

Rock climbing takes a lot of mental agility and problem solving experience to do correctly. It is very physical, but it is also largely a mental activity. Try it at a local gym, where the dangers of outside rock climbing do not exist (to an extent).

These are some of the most effective ways to turn your hobbies into workouts, or even a lifelong passion. Try them out, see for yourself. 

By Jamie