Some sports can be traced to their origins, precisely, like basketball. Some sports can be traced for decades and centuries, and one will still not be able to precisely point a finger to where and when a sport has come from. 

Yet, there are some sports which can be considered strictly British. Some of them you could name off the top of your head, while others, you may be surprised to find that they had their origins in Britain. However, which ever one we choose, there are plenty of options for betting online with เบท365 รหัสโบนัส. Here are some of the sports that originated in the UK.

Cricket – Not Surprising

Cricket is one of those sports which not many people pay attention to, unless they are from the UK or India. Cricket is one of the top sports in India, frequently being in the top 2. Yet cricket is a British sport. 

Its origins date back to 1597, at least official documents. It became a frequent occurrence in the 1800s, however.

Women’s cricket is older than men’s cricket, at least in terms of international competitions, particularly the World Cup.

Curling – Ice Rocks?

Curling is one of those sports which people often frown at, when they first see it. It’s either frowning or laughing. Curling is a very particular sport, invented in the icy lands of Scotland. It involves a curling stone and people on ice skates, brushes and a target which the stone needs to stop at. 

It is an Olympic sport and has been since 1998. It is a sport which is very popular in Canada, for example, where it was brought by Scottish settlers. 

Football – Not All the Credit

Football has its origins everywhere in the world, but, once you take a closer look, it has been banned so many times since the 1300s in the UK, that one might assume that the UK can claim most of the origin rights.

It is the most popular sport in the world, as well as in the UK. It is one of the most paid sports and it has quite an audience.

Football fans can often be very passionate, bordering violence and some even crossing that border. 

Golf – A Scottish Sport

Golf had its origins in Scotland. Its first records date back to a ban issued in 1457, where it interfered with the archers practicing for the war with England. The “official” reasons were disturbance and potential property damage (which did happen, to be fair).

Golf is a popular sport, but not as popular as other ball sports, particularly contact sports like football and rugby.

Rugby – Another English Sport

Rugby has been sighted many times throughout history, namely in Ancient Greek and Roman times (where many sports had their origins, as well as ancient China).

But modern rugby can be traced to the late 1800s, namely 1871, when the first official international rugby match was played, between Scotland and England.

Since that year, rugby has been a popular sport in not only England and Scotland, but various other countries in the world, such as Australia, Italy, France and even the United States.

Darts – An Army Sport

Darts were invented by British soldiers who threw arrows at tree trunks. Since 1896, it has had its standard board numbering, created by Brian Gamlin, a carpenter. The sport is a favorite in every pub around the world. It is also a professional sport, with fierce competitors.

These are some of the world’s most popular sports that originated in the UK.

By Jamie