Everybody has some kind of social media, which is why some people “cringe” at regular first contact and approaches, whether friendly or flirty, in other words, their social intelligence needs work.

In this modern day and age when we rely on technology to help us bridge the gap, it might seem impossible to meet new people. At college, that might seem like an even bigger challenge to some, so here is what you can do to meet more people at a university.

College Life Makes it Easy

At college, there are plenty of classes and courses which make bridging the gap easy. You are at a class and the subject is interesting to both of you, which makes first contact that much easier. This is one of the easiest ways of approaching people, simply by being interested in the same thing.

Whether athletics, sports, science, language, social studies or numbers, anything can help bridge the gap. If you are seated next to someone, that helps greatly, so make sure to use those opportunities if you see that someone is remotely close to being friendly.

Parties – College Has Plenty of Those

Parties help bridge the gap. When under the effect of alcohol, people tend to talk to other people much more than when they are sober. Once their inhibitions are gone and your own, for that matter, meeting people becomes so easy.

Parties are the right place to start, particularly if you are an extrovert. For introverts, there are other options, depending on how introverted they are.

Friends Help – You Must Know Someone

Friends can help bridge the gap. Having an extrovert friend is also something which can help bridge the gap. They will do all the talking and you will get the benefit of being closer to them and in their company. Sometimes, having that special friend who is communicative is everything you need to make new friends. Just let them loose and enjoy the ride.

Find Common Ground – Activities Everyone Enjoys

If you see someone applying for drama class or that they play a video game, you could approach them with something that can help you bridge that potential gap. Everybody has that gossip friend who loves spending their time discussing everybody else, so they should know what your potential friend likes or does not like.

Music – It Always Helps

Music makes the world go round, or was it money? Anyway, music can help you meet new friends. It is one of those universal topics which just resonates with everyone, pun intended. Parties give you an opportunity to explore this musical interest, but so do concerts and college bands.

College can be hard but everything is easier with friends. Follow these tips and you are likely to find new ones.

By Jamie