Everybody needs time, somebody more, somebody less. Time passes and what we do with it is what is important. Somehow, we end up losing hours every single day, doing who knows what and that tends to annoy us. While we might have an idea what is the cause of our wasted time, more often than not, we fail to change it and get even more frustrated. Well, that is about to end. Here are some tips on how to organize your time better, no, even more, get a hold of it and put it to the best possible use.

Find the Culprit – What is Eating Your Time?

You have to ask yourself, seriously, what is eating your time? Is it the fact that you are dedicating way too much of it to video games? Or are you spending time browsing the internet and searching for streams and clips to watch? You can spend way too much time with a screen and apps like TikTok and Instagram, which are built around short-term attention spans and quick dopamine fixes.

Are you spending too much time in bed, trying to get up? Everything can eat away at your free time so try and figure out what is having a major impact? Try not to play the blame game, for example, ah, if I wasn’t studying or working, I would have much more free time. Work is essential to surviving and studying often helps you find a better job. In other words, be sincere with yourself.

Use Time Management Applications and Schedulers

This is a rather simple tip most people fail to implement. Time management applications are not your enemy. You will not become a slave to the watch, quite frankly, it will liberate you by giving you more time for every action, whether gaming, working out or learning something new.

You can dedicate your time more professionally to any of these activities, using more focus while doing them and that will lead to you appreciating the work you put into, as well as the time, more than you would if you were to “wing it” or “do it by feel”. Put your plans into a schedule and try to keep to them. This way, you will make it easier on yourself, now and in the future.

Rewards for a Task Well Done

While we do not want to become like Pavlov’s dog, rewarding yourself for a task well done is an important way of making sure that we do a task in the first place. The reward should not be something grandiose like 10 hours of gaming for a simple task like doing the dishes. You should be moderate with your rewards, or at least proportional to the task you have accomplished, unless the reward gets in the way of the following day.

Whether unhealthy food or multiple hours of social media or gaming, pick your poison, but after you have completed your planned tasks.

Be Kind to Yourself

Organizing time does not need to be a self-deprecating activity where you spend most of your time hating yourself because you cannot be like a certain someone you saw online who seems perfect.

Nobody is like that and it takes time and dedication. Even the smallest step is a good one. Take your wins, every single time.

These have been some tips to help you organize your day and time better.

By Jamie