Having a blast in a time of crisis is recommended for stress relief. One should mind their safety first, especially in times of a global pandemic. With that in mind, having a party might not be as good of an idea as one might think.

Yet, parties are normal and everybody studying at college attends one at some point, most likely prior to their college days and definitely during. Dorm parties can be very fun, and here are some tips on how to organize a perfect dorm party.

Read the Rules about Partying in Your Dorm

This is very important and will decide your next steps in planning your party. If it is illegal to have parties in your dorm, you might have to find loopholes for getting alcohol and other things, not to mention getting people together for a “loud and drunk study session”.

If it is legal to party in your dorm, then see how far you can stretch that before complaints start coming in. Get informed before you do anything you might get punished for. You don’t wanna lose points over a party before it is even underway.

Stack Up on Drinks

A party is often as good as the drinks. You should offer a variety of drinks, or make it a “bring your own drinks” party, where people bring what they want. If you are organizing drinks, make sure to cover everybody. Some people enjoy alcohol, others sodas and some prefer water or anything non-carbonated, like fruit juices. Covering everybody’s taste is impossible, nor should you attempt it, but you should cover all types of drinks, alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated, as well as water.

Food and Snacks

When parties are in question, people tend to overcommit when it comes to alcohol and that leads to more trouble than worth. Having food and snacks at the ready means that the involved guests will most likely remember to chow down on something and not disturb their stomachs as much. It might help some people and for others, it might just help make a bigger mess, but having food is obligatory, because parties last a long time.

The Music – Modern and What the People Like

Even though you might enjoy jazz fusion, odds are that your peers will most likely be into trap and pop, so that is what you will have to play if you want to keep the party going and keep the guests happy. You can use simple sites like YouTube or Spotify to find your playlist and if you have premium on any of the platforms, you will be rid of ads (as well as if you use an ad blocker). This is a simple way to get the music right. Regarding speakers and amplification, anything will do if people are inebriated enough, but something loud enough for everybody to hear is almost obligatory. Cheap bluetooth speakers are available nowadays, as well as 2.1 computer sets.

The Atmosphere

If you have access to any lighting, whether LED or otherwise you should probably add it. People love the atmosphere of a party, with lights changing and shifting. It makes it a better experience. Plenty of companies offer large speakers which double as lighting effects. That might be the perfect party solution for the sound and the atmosphere.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to organizing a great dorm party.

By Jamie