Video games are interesting. They can be fun to play or have an amazing storyline, or in the case of those rare examples, both. Multiplayer games offer a competitive side which most single player games do not have. On the other hand, single player games are like works of art, having immersion and a story to take you somewhere else.

The world of gaming has not stopped, in fact, 2021 has seen plenty of games released. Some of these are upcoming, so have that in mind as you are going through the list.

Resident Evil: Village

Everybody likes a good horror game and Resident Evil is one of those survival horrors which we cannot get enough of. It combines a good story with interesting gameplay, creatures and monsters which will give you nightmares if you are particularly fond of getting scared.

Be careful when playing this game, jump scares might be regular.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Everybody was surprised when Sony allowed Horizon: Zero Dawn to be played on PCs, and everybody loved the game. Machine hunting and learning more about the world we are set in, while we follow Aloy, our protagonist. 

In Forbidden West, we follow Aloy to the West, obviously, to see what the world is going through and why wildlife is dying. Aloy is the only one to stop it. This game is upcoming but from the gameplay trailer, it looks and feels like a cinematic.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry is one of those titles which you have to play to experience. Set in a Cuba-like world where a dictator and his daughter are challenged by rebels and unhappy citizens, you must find your way and survive. It is an upcoming game but one people are waiting for with open arms.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

The events of Dying Light left people with a desire to go outside and do parkour, as well as with an affinity for dropkicking zombies off buildings and hitting them across their faces with hand-made weapons which can electrocute, set on fire and cut and be blunt at the same time.

Techland is going to be back with another title and everybody is looking forward to it. The story has moved to a future where the day is for the living and the night, well, for the infected and those brave enough to roam during the night, meaning more parkour, as David Belle himself (the founder of parkour) is now a character in the game, albeit under a different name.


Bethesda’s upcoming IP, the first new one in 25 years, often called Skyrim in space, seems like a very pleasant game to explore. With a more realistic feel to it, rather than a cartoony one of Fallout and a high fantasy one of the Elder Scrolls, Starfield is looking promising. Built on a new engine and coming out on a cheeky date of 11.11..2021, it will mark a 10 year anniversary of Skyrim’s release date.

These are some of the best 2021 video games, released and upcoming.

By Jamie